The best recreational activities for special children

Children with special conditions also want to have fun and need recreation. For this reason, it is important to know different recreational activities for special children that can make them feel part of something and that they can be distracted by carrying out activities that can even leave them with some form of learning.

What are the best recreational activities for special children?

Let’s know some of the recreational activities recommended for children in different special conditions:

Activities for deaf children


jigsaw puzzle

One of the best recreational activities for deaf children can be putting together puzzles, this activity allows children to improve their visual skills and therefore, little by little they will feel much more comfortable learning and developing sign language.

sports or outdoor activities

It is important for children to feel new experiences, to share with nature, to explore elements of life and even to play and share with other children in sports activities or other types of outdoor recreation.


Crafts are important for any child, in this case, as a recreational activity for deaf children, it is also recommended to help them better coordinate the movements of their hands.

It is recommended that you try various forms of crafts and find something that your children can have more fun with and become better at.

Recreation activities for autistic children

It is very important to enjoy the time with your children and look for various recreational activities for autistic children that can be adapted to the interests of the child to help them improve their communication skills.


Play with the letters

The first thing you should think about in terms of activities for autistic children are those that include the game with letters.

This is because children with autism tend to be a bit complicated with words and these types of games can be very helpful. They can play to pronounce and repeat some letters, memory games with letters and many other things.

Trading games

For this type of game it is important that we have patience, the most common exchange games consist of passing a ball, for example.

At first, likely, the child does not show interest in the game, so we recommend thinking of some ways to start playing, for example, hide a ball and that he has to get it and then throw it towards us.

Crafts or games of this style

In general, children with autism are interested in games that include different textures, so we recommend some kind of craft that includes plasticine, paints, and fabrics, among other things. For example, painting, and creating different figures, among other things.

Homework for hyperactive children

Hyperactive children usually need to do different types of recreational activities to develop their skills and improve their concentration and discipline.

We recommend that you practice activities in which you consume a lot of energy, but also in which you need to concentrate.

Some interesting activities for your hyperactive children to do may be the following:

outdoor game

Letter soup

One of the most common problems in hyperactive children is that they tend to have poor concentration and that they do not finish many of the things they start.

A perfect game to help with this problem is word search: it will improve their attention a bit and they will learn to plan better.

Sports or activities in nature

There is no better recreational activity for hyperactive children than taking them out into nature and letting them play a sport or enjoy activities that will expend a lot of the energy they may have.

Of course, we recommend that you find activities that you really like so that you can stay focused and play.

Play an instrument or sing

Music is a great activity for children who are hyperactive to practice.

This will help them work a little on their lack of concentration and also, feeling part of a team is very helpful to dedicate themselves a little more to their musical instrument.

The swimming

Did you know that Michael Phelps was diagnosed as hyperactive at age 9? Yes, as they read it! The great champion Phelps was a hyperactive child and thanks to this sport he achieved much greater attention and discipline.

Recreation activities for hospitalized children

Hospitalized children also need to have fun, concentrate, think about other things and that is why we bring you some of the most useful recreational activities for hospitalized children.

hospitalized girl


One of the easiest activities to carry out when children are bedridden in hospitals is crafts.

What kind of crafts? This is where the imagination of the parents and knowing their children well come in and they can create thousands and thousands of games and manual activities, for example, creating puppets to make a play, watercolor paintings, color paintings and many other things. plus.

Card games or board games

Another of the games that we can play (or have our little ones play with their hospitalized friends) are board games or card games.

In this case it is important to try to vary the activities, try to make them different games each time so that the children do not get bored, so that they learn new things and their stay is much more fun.

Recreational activities for children in wheelchairs

niña en silla de ruedas

Wheelchair sports

Children in wheelchairs can also do sports and have fun in recreational activities, we just need to adapt the game a bit so that they can spend a totally different time in contact with nature.

These types of activities are very important and we should try to do them so that the child does not feel different (which it is not). Table tennis, for example, does not need many modifications.

Crafts, memory games, sensory games

Recreational activities for children in wheelchairs can be worked in the same way as the activities of children in normal situations that we have seen in previous posts, that is, they can carry out memory games, crafts, sensory games, play a musical instrument and many, many more things.

We hope that these recreational activities for special children will help you make your children feel that they have a place in this world and that it is okay to have special conditions, that they only need to get what they are good at and work on it to be successful and achieve greatness.

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