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Are you thinking of evaluating your little ones at home? New to homeschooling and still haven’t found good rubrics to assess your kids? Don’t know how to make an evaluation rubric for primary?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes (or you just want to find great pdf assessment rubrics) we recommend you stick around and read on to find the best assessment rubrics.

The first thing you should know is that primary assessment rubrics should usually be separated according to the grade that the child or children they are educating are in (or should be in according to age).

For that reason, today you will find the rubrics separated by grades and even some extra rubrics to help you a little in other tasks.

Assessment rubrics for first grade

niños socializando

Let’s go first with some of the assessment rubrics for first grade, that is, those things that children must have knowledge of in order to be able to move on to the next grade.

At this stage, rubrics should validate that children can:
• communicate information through writing
• who can take dictation
• the child is socially active
• who can narrate family stories
• to be able to answer whether or not they agree with the opinions of others and to give their reasons
• who knows how to express his opinion
• among many other things (mathematical thinking, artistic skills, among others).

Assessment templates for second grade

segundo grado

Although the evaluation rubrics for second grade are quite similar to those for first grade, there are some important differences.

It is also key that we are a little more demanding with the child and that we are a little more demanding with his answers and his evaluations.

  • In this case we must continue to take importance to:
  • How to express the opinions of the little ones
  • The understanding they may have of what they read
  • The resolution of simple mathematical problems after understanding what is proposed
  • Evaluate their self-awareness, how much autonomy the child has
  • How collaborative it is
  • Whether you can reproduce images you see on paper (in your way) and many other rubrics.

Evaluation rubrics for third grade

niños experimentando

In the third grade of primary school it is important to continue taking into account the same rubrics previously presented, but to do so with even greater demands.

We must be attentive to the development of the child in:

  • Problem solving
  • In reading comprehension
  • In the way of expressing and socializing
  • And many other things.

Assessment templates for fourth grade

compresión lectora

Let’s now go to the evaluation rubrics for primary 4th grade.
At this point the child has already grown a little more and should have the ability to be a little more demanding of himself and therefore, we must also demand a little more of them.

Children must make and work with mind maps, infographics, informational texts, poems and many other things.

Here it is important to evaluate the use of spelling, how they organize and understand information, among other things.

Children must also have advanced in their ability to solve problems, therefore, mathematical problems can already begin to be a little more complex and the child must have the ability to understand them, work on them and finally achieve the results.

It is important to clarify that not only the final result should be evaluated, but also the understanding of the problem and its development (which is ultimately what interests us the most).

In other aspects the child must also develop, for example, in the artistic part he must be able to make himself understood better, to put his ideas more easily on paper and to know his body and its possibilities better.

Assessment rubrics for fifth grade


What are the best 5th grade assessment rubrics? They are those that take many aspects into account without leaving details behind.

They are those rubrics in which it is understood that the child has already grown a little and that he should already begin to better understand the texts, the problems and many other things.

It is key to take into account all the aspects of the rubrics in order to assess whether the child has really been able to understand and comprehend everything that we have been teaching him for so long.

Let’s be demanding, I always understand that they are children who are growing and that the demand must be to help them and not harm them.

Primary Physical Education Assessment Templates

niños jugando

So far we have not mentioned the primary physical education evaluation rubrics.

We prefer to leave them out of the other headings because they are very important in the growth of the child and one of the least taken into account by those of us who decide to educate at home.

Don’t forget these rubrics! Take them into account! The physical development of the child is also key.

Within those rubrics things like:

  • being able to follow exactly the physical activities that are left to them
  • recognize different games and activities
  • have different motor responses to games and many other things.

What is the real usefulness of child assessment rubrics?


The usefulness of these rubrics is to have the indirect support of experts and connoisseurs in child evaluation who have developed rubrics so that we, who decide to evaluate at home, are able to keep track of our children and know if they are really learning everything they should and if their development suits what they need.

Let’s remember that the life of a homeschooler (and any homeschooler) is not easy.

Many times we doubt our abilities to teach the little ones and it is very helpful to have tools that show that we are capable and in what aspects the little one, as well as us, and our way of teaching them and passing on knowledge must also improve.

In this category of the blog you can find other rubric articles that can help you in your evaluation process with your children.

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