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Great resources and images of kawaii drawings

Many of the children and adults went crazy in the 80’s with the beautiful images of kawaii drawings that began to be all the rage in Japan but were known throughout the world and are still a trend today.

Next we will tell you a little about the history, characteristics and cute resources of kawaii drawings to print or kawaii coloring drawings of animals, people, Christmas and others.

Kawaii drawings are a cute option for you to work with your homeschooled children visual skills, fine motor skills such as coloring and cutting, or drawing skills by trying with them to perform this technique with an object of their choice.

Children, in addition to being happy doing these activities, will learn many life skills and will even be able to shape their tastes for design and drawing in general.

What kawaii drawings do we offer you today?

Through this article you will be able to download a series of images of kawaii drawings and, in general, easy and beautiful kawaii coloring pages so you can have fun observing or coloring and better understand this style of Japanese aesthetics.

For children this technique is much more tender than for adults, they love to color them, stick them in their notebooks and even in their rooms. Therefore, here you will have all the options for everyone’s fun.

Some easy kawaii coloring pages

In this option you can download a variety of kawaii drawings that will serve both boys and girls, they are too beautiful and cute like all this Japanese drawing technique.

Kawaii people coloring pages ideas

Here you can download, print and color various options of kawaii characters, men and women, boys and girls. You will be able to identify many details in these drawings of characters that you will love!

Great images to color kawaii christmas

At Christmas time, what better idea than printing some cute kawaii Christmas coloring images that in addition to feeling connected to this time, you will have fun with the little ones in the house.

Beautiful kawaii animal coloring pages

I love kawaii drawings of animals, they are the most tender tenderness in all its forms. Here you can download kawaii animal coloring pages that you will love!

Funny drawings to print kawaiis

Finally, you will be able to download and print a variety of full-color drawings made with the Japanese kawaii technique, which children can paste in their notebooks, rooms, or wherever they like.

What do you know about kawaii drawings?

Through a series of questions and answers we will give you all the information that we consider important to know so that you understand more about this aesthetic technique and when you download the resources that we have for you to download for free, when you see them, you will understand a little more.

What is Kawaii?

The word kawaii is of Japanese origin meaning “cute” or “cute”. Kawaii is a Japanese aesthetic whose technique can be learned so easily that with the help of a simple tutorial you can draw any object with this technique.

What are the characteristics of kawaii?

The most recognized of these tender drawings is their expression through their little eyes aligned with the nose and the close mouth, which makes the character look much more tender.

Simplicity in both the color palette and shapes is another great feature.

In general terms, the main characteristics of kawaii drawings are the following:

  • big, round and tender eyes
  • rounded shapes
  • big heads
  • limited color palette
  • simplicity
  • animated objects that come to life

What is the most representative kawaii drawing?

One of the most representative images of kawaii drawings of this drawing technique is Hello Kitty, but there are also others such as the Rilakkuma bear, Pucca, Megagoma and others that can be seen on cups, backpacks, stationery, go, manuals, notices and even on Netflix.

How do kawaii drawings help children?

If you are a homeschooler parent or have your children in school or college, these resources will be of great use to you.

Japanese Kawaii style is suitable for all ages. For children, it is a very easy style to draw, really the simplicity of this technique allows the little ones to take the first steps in drawing.

In adults it is a great style that contains a lot of graphic design and is very close to a logo design.

To draw in this kawaii style you only need an HB pencil, a notebook and an open imagination so you can transform any object around you into a kawaii style.

We hope that this series of images of kawaii drawings will be totally useful in the process of educating at home, since you will be able to promote art at home in an easy and fun way.

If you are interested in other types of drawings with techniques other than kawaii, you can also download other resources that we have for you.

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