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Fun Christmas cards to print and color

Children love to color and what better than allowing them to have fun with Christmas cards to print and color and not only have fun but also understand a little more about the meaning of Christmas that we will also explain here.

We believe that this is a fun and creative activity to work with children at the end of the year and that, in addition to learning, they can make their own Christmas gifts.

Several options for children’s Christmas cards to print

Here you can find a series of children’s Christmas cards to print, to color and decorate and you can also make some envelopes to pack the beautiful cards that children make. 

Fun Christmas cards to print and color

If you want to occupy the little ones in the house this Christmas with some craft, a good idea is to work with them on Christmas cards to print and color.

We know that children love to color, and what better than creating gifts and cards with their own hands, that makes them feel very proud!

Colorful free printable christmas cards

Just in case your child does not want to color, you can also download some ready-made children’s Christmas cards, so that the little ones can simply mark them and accompany their gifts.

Easy envelopes for Christmas letters to print

In this section we offer you some cute and easy envelopes for Christmas letters to print so that children not only pack their Christmas cards but also can pack their own letters to the child God or whatever they prefer.

We tell you that assembling the envelopes that we offer you is too simple, for which you must follow the following steps:

  1. Cut out the entire silhouette of the card including the lower tabs that we will use later to paste the envelope.
  2. After cutting the envelope, look for the spaces where the dotted lines are and in all of them you must make a fold. In total there would be five sides where you must make a fold.
  3. When you have all the folds done, add some cotton to the bottom three tabs only.
  4. Bring the top to the bottom so that the tabs stick together.
  5. Let the envelope dry for a little while and voila! You have already finished the beautiful Christmas envelope to pack your letters, it can even be used to pack bills if you want to give some money as a gift.

Letter format to write the letter to the child God

If your children have the habit of putting together the manger, the tree and all the Christmas decorations and additionally writing the letter to the Child God, this section is for you.

In this option you can download a beautiful format that you can print so that they write their requests to the Child God and ask for their favorite gifts and any other type of request, such as: a little brother 🙂

If the children wish, they can not only write but finish decorating the format to their liking.

Remember that all the resources and Christmas cards to print in pdf are in this format to make it easier to download and print.

Where does the tradition of giving Christmas cards come from?

In 1843 the tradition of giving Christmas cards was born, which were created by Henry Cole and John Calcott.

The idea came to Henry, who was a very busy man, working at the London Public Records office and not having time to write to all his family at this time, so he asked the artist John to design a image appropriate for the Christmas season where you could send your good wishes.

The phrase printed on the first card read: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and the image was made up of a family sharing around a glass of wine. This card was so successful that another 1,000 copies were printed and sold for one shilling (the currency of the time in London).

However, there were opponents of the card due to the fact that it was being shared around a glass of wine.

30 years later, Christmas cards are popularized in the US by a Prussian immigrant who had a printing company in Boston, although his design was very different from the original design since it did not even contain a festive or Christmas image but a beautiful flower that simply it said Merry Christmas!

There is much more behind the story of Christmas cards, but we leave it here so that you yourself can use this as an excuse to investigate and learn more with your home-schooled children.

We love being able to offer you cute, fun, and easy activities to work on with your homeschooled children.

We hope that all the Christmas cards to print and color and the envelopes that we present to you are very useful for the motor development of your little ones and to encourage the love for Christmas.

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