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Resource to print multiplication tables from 1 to 12

Have you ever needed an image or resource to print multiplication tables from 1 to 12 to practice or refresh your quick math skills or to teach the little ones in the house?

This publication offers an easy way to print the multiplication table from 1 to 10 and from 1 to 12 ready to use, they are multiplication tables to print with beautiful drawings of children’s motifs so that children are even more encouraged to learn the tables that many times it is usually the headache of the parents.

Print the multiplication table here

Click the download buttons to print any of the multiplication tables options we created for you.

You can download the multiplication table to print for free and the multiplication table to print in pdf and best of all, ready to use!

The multiplication table to print up to 12

A multiplication table to print from 1 to 10

The multiplication tables to print without results

Print one or all of the table resources and use them to make learning multiplication tables easier and more fun! You can also use them as reference material when solving problems or completing worksheets.

How to read and interpret multiplication tables

A multiplication table (or graph) is a great tool to make it easier to learn the multiplication tables and therefore the mathematical operations of multiplying and dividing.

To read the multiplication table, all you need to do is match a number in the left column with one in the top row. The number in the intersection box shows you how much each pair of numbers multiplied will equal.

Stores the values ​​in the 12 tables

Memorizing the operations of the multiplication tables will help you understand and solve more complex math problems.

Start by memorizing the values ​​in the 12 tables until you can retrieve them without a reference. It only takes a few minutes each day and you’ll be able to quickly solve even more challenging equations!

Regular practice will also help you remember the more difficult numbers and equations.

Image of multiplication tables to print

We have provided multiplication tables to print pdf from 1 to 12 free and in full color to facilitate the practice and memorization of them.

Initially you can quickly check the answers to any equation because the tables bring the answer to the equation. Later, you can challenge yourself by writing the answers to each equation because we also offer multiplication tables to print without results.

Simply download and print any of the options we offer, and then you’ll have an easy reference guide to help you master each board in no time.

And now, a bit of history around the multiplication tables

Did you know that the invention of multiplication tables is attributed to the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (580 BC – 495 BC), who became known as the father of numbers, who managed to build a first basic and elementary table, the which was later improved by his disciples.

The first multiplication tables evolved many years later when the mathematician Crele invented the three-digit multiplication tables (from 000 to 999), but this invention went down in history when the automatic calculator created by Blaise Pascal appeared in 1642.

You already know that we owe Pythagoras, among other things, the multiplication tables and although some believe that they are a headache, they are not that difficult to learn, they only require willingness and many repetitions.

Without knowing the multiplication tables, it is unlikely that you will learn to multiply and divide, two operations so basic that they are essential for daily life and much better if you know how to do these operations by hand or in your head and do without the calculator.

As you may have realized, printing multiplication tables from 1 to 12 is easier than you thought, it is also very useful to teach children and students through beautiful educational resources that you can get totally free.

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