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Thomas and Lucia: Because obeying parents is a great gift!

In the following article, you will find a great lesson in the story of Thomas and Lucia, because obeying parents is a great gift from children, which is one of the children’s stories of obedience with which you can teach your home-educated children about the beautiful virtue of obedience.

The story to learn about obedience

Below you will find a beautiful story about obedience for you to listen to with your children and they learn a great lesson!

Thomas and Lucia: The importance of being obedient and responsible

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Thomas and a girl named Lucia, who were very mischievous and always looking for new adventures. One day, while their parents were leaving the house to do some shopping, they gave them an important indication: they should not leave the house under any circumstances.

But Thomas and Lucia were bored and wanted to play in the nearby park. So, they decided to leave the house, despite their parents’ warning. They ran to the park and played all day, not worrying about the time. But when the sky turned gray and it started to rain, they realized they had made a big mistake.

When they realized it was raining very hard, they hurried to return home. Thomas thought Lucia had brought the keys to get into the house, but when they arrived, they realized they had forgotten them. They knocked on the door and called their parents, but there was no one at home. They were trapped outside in the middle of the tremendous downpour that day.

The two children hugged each other, trying to stay warm and dry under a nearby tree. They began to realize how badly they had acted, disobeying their parents’ instructions. Thomas apologized to Lucia, telling her that he thought she had brought the keys. Lucia told him it didn’t matter, that the important thing was to find a solution to get into the house.

After a while, Thomas and Lucia remembered that there was a window that they sometimes left open on the second floor of the house. With great difficulty, they climbed the wall and managed to enter the house through the open window.

When their parents returned home, they found them drying off by the fireplace. Thomas and Lucia apologized, explaining that they had disobeyed because they were bored. But their parents, although they were happy that they were safe, were very angry and explained to them that the rules were there to protect them.

Thomas and Lucia felt bad for having disobeyed and decided to show their parents that they had learned their lesson. Over the next few weeks, they strove to be obedient and responsible. They helped with household chores, did their schoolwork, and asked for permission before leaving the house.

Finally, their parents realized that Thomas and Lucia had understood the importance of following the rules and the value of responsibility. They forgave them and hugged their children, who were very happy to have regained their parents’ trust.

From then on, Thomas and Lucia always tried to be obedient and responsible, knowing that it was the right thing to do. And although they sometimes make mistakes, they always regretted it and apologized, knowing that their love and respect for their parents were the most important thing of all. And so, they learned the valuable lesson that rules are there to protect them and that they must be obedient and responsible to be good and reliable people.

From then on, Thomas and Lucia always carried the keys with them when they left the house and made sure to follow all their parents’ instructions. And although they were no longer as mischievous as before, they still enjoyed venturing and exploring the world, but now they did it in a more responsible and careful way, knowing that it was the best way to stay safe and happy.

Now enjoy with your little ones the video of the story

We hope you have learned a lot from this tale and can also enjoy it on YouTube with the youngest members of your household.

Activities around the story about obedience

Here are some activities around the story about obedience that we just shared with you.

You can do various activities with your little ones after reading and listening to this story or any other that will surely amuse them:

  • Draw what you liked most about the story
  • Ask questions about it
  • invent another ending
  • Make puppets or puppets from the story
  • Dress up and act out the story
  • After reading the story and listening to it several times, do it again and ask the little ones to anticipate what follows.
  • Read aloud and put different voices according to what is happening
  • use various things to make the story more dramatic, for example, making horse footprints with your fingers on a table, or simulating rain, or performing shadow theater, etc.

As you can see, imagination is the limit and there are endless activities that you can do with children, what’s more, they themselves will give many ideas of what can be done.

We hope that this story about obedience has been to the liking of your whole family and that they can get the best out of their family life because obeying parents is the most beautiful thing that children can give to our parents!

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