About us?

We are a small family that embarked on this beautiful world of education at home, convinced that it is the best way to live a wonderful learning experience, where learning is really enjoyed.

We began the path of education at home since our little one was 2 years old and we have been researching about it, learning many things and getting in touch with other families who also do home education, some who have been there for a long time have many experiences to share and others who are just starting out or have not yet decided to take the big leap, we can help them make the decision.

This is a challenge for the whole family and it is not easy!!; It involved us changing our family dynamics to develop activities with our son, learn to identify his interests, try methodologies, be flexible, unlearn, change paradigms, have an open mind, in short, have different perspectives and be very critical. It has been a learning path for everyone, and we are happy for this!

We hope this blog can help you make decisions, learn about our experiences and eliminate fears (which are not lacking). We are convinced that this decision we made is the best for the future of our son, because it is a decision based on love and respect that he deserves to learn at his own pace and based on his interests and passions and we want share it with you

A hug and we hope you enjoy it!