Visual stimulation cards for babies to print

The visual part in early stimulation from 3 to 6 months with printable visual stimulation cards for babies can be started based on the idea that at this stage they do not recognize colors other than black and white; and red at a later stage. Babies have physiological myopia, that is, they do not see well from afar. It means that their eyes and vision are still developing.

What is visual stimulation in babies?

We can define it as the series of exercises and techniques that are used to help babies see better.

From birth, babies use their visual capacity to understand their environment since the eye provides them with information regarding size, shapes and colors and invites them to explore space.

For this reason, it is perfectly appropriate to do visual stimulation exercises with them and start as soon as possible so that progress is greater.

It is very beneficial to carry out visual stimulation in all stages and ages of the baby, not only because we would be doing eye gymnastics but also a number of advantages that this entails in the development of abilities and skills at an early age. Let’s see some benefits that this stimulation provides:

  • Strengthening of near and far visual acuity
  • Allows the brain to receive the stimuli it needs to develop
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Increase curiosity
  • fix attention
  • Increase their reading fluency when it’s time for them

Experts agree that it is essential to improve coordination between the eyes and hands: it allows them to take objects that are within their sight.

In short, it helps babies improve and prevent visual problems in the future.

The development of visual acuity in babies improves around three months, so the younger they start, the better it will be for rapid progress in the use of their vision, allowing for greater motivation, concentration and exploration at their young age. .

The blurred vision that babies have is getting clearer every day, so parents can use appropriate tools to stimulate their visual capacity.

Benefits of visual stimulation

As we have already mentioned, early stimulation has a positive impact on babies, which is reflected in their attention span and memory, as well as their ability to carry out complex activities.

Within the early stimulation exercises and games that help are:

  • Mobiles for your crib prepared especially for that stage
  • Colorful balloons
  • play with soap bubbles
  • Eye-catching toys in white-black-red contrasts
  • White cards with geometric drawings supported by black and white contrasts to provide them with the greatest possible visibility.

We have prepared some visual stimulation cards for babies to print with these types of drawings that you can download

Cards with Animals

Visual stimulation cards for babies

This material is designed for early visual stimulation, showing that the first colors that babies tend to see are black and white, cards with these colors in animal designs are perfect for babies at this stage.

Cards with geometric figures

Visual stimulation cards for babies

Bold lines, patterns, strokes and contrasting images in geometric shapes on the black and white cards stand out and will help babies practice their focus.

Cards with black background

Tarjetas de estimulación visual para bebes para imprimir

With this material you will be giving your baby a stimulating start to his eyes with sets of blank cards with a black background. Keep a close eye the next time you give your newborn some black and white cards and you will notice that the pictures on the cards have been drawn on because they will be captivated for short periods of time.

Cards with toy figures

tarjetas de juguetes

Contrasting black and white toy figures also help babies develop their ability to focus their attention and concentration levels.

Early stimulation activities

With this technique you can support yourself to establish a program for the stimulation of your baby made up of activities that follow a sequence of exercises through visual experiences.

  • Spin balls or balloons that attract baby’s eyes
  • With the cards you have printed before, stimulate visual attention
  • Talk or sing to the baby looking into his eyes in a soft voice
  • Have him maintain eye contact with objects and people
  • Smile on your face and make different faces or gestures

We know that the baby receiving visual stimulation will be directly impacted in a better physical development in its optical functions of focus, fixation and visual accommodation, orientation and displacements and visual acuity in addition to cognitive.

Visual stimulation cards for babies

visual stimulation games

High contrast: place high contrast colors that draw your attention and stimulate your vision

Games in front of a mirror: so that he begins to recognize himself and carry out actions by following his gaze

Toys on the floor: where the baby can see them and move to them

Crib mobiles: they are ideal for visual stimulation at this stage


In short, with early visual stimulation the baby acquires an excellent development that directly affects the crucial moment to take the first steps and explore the environment that surrounds him/her more safely and effectively.

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