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Would you like a 2022 children’s calendar to print and color?

As we know that you are a homeschooler mom or dad and you must schedule activities with your homeschooled children, today we have for you a beautiful 2022 children’s calendar to print and color.

With the beautiful free printable 2022 calendars that we offer you today, you will be able to carry out different activities such as:

  • Locate the children in the days and months of the year
  • Take advantage of the time with the children while they color each month of the year
  • Use the calendars to schedule various activities in them so that it serves as a reference for children to keep their activities in mind
  • You can create a personalized and creative craft or calendar with the available resources.

A nice series of calendars

Below you can download the 2022 calendar resources to print pdf that you can use in all activities

Children’s calendar 2022 to print and color

This children’s calendar that we give you allows you to print a 2022 calendar per month, that is, each month is individually on a sheet, so that you print them and the children decorate each sheet and each drawing of it.

Later you can make a nice craft to put in the children’s room. For this, follow these steps:

  • Put all the sheets of the calendar already colored and decorated aligned, that is, they are all in the same position.
  • Using a hole punch, make two holes on the top of the sheets
  • Cut two short pieces of yarn, ribbon, or any other material that you can tie together.
  • Insert the above material into both holes of all sheets and tie at the top.

Additional tips:

  • You can put and color an additional sheet where it says calendar 2022 and decorate it with the taste of your children so that your calendar has a kind of cover.
  • If you want the sheets of your calendar to be more resistant you can print them on a stronger paper than a normal printing sheet, so they will withstand a little more the hard work they have throughout the year.

We hope that these 2022 printable calendar sheets are to your children’s liking and that in addition to having fun they can locate themselves in time (days, months, year).

Complete calendars

Many times we need a somewhat more formal 2022 printable calendar to place on your desk or in a strategic place in the house to have it visible and not miss all your appointments.

I have seen a lot of moms who spend a lot of time in the kitchen use a magnet to stick sheets on the fridge or colored notes. This calendar is ideal for this purpose.

Calendar in word to customize

If what you are looking for is to be able to almost completely customize the calendar, we offer you a 2022 calendar to print word and in this way you can edit and modify it to your liking and needs.

Relevant information about calendars

In addition to the downloadable resources that we offer you, we want you to have more information about the calendar.

While you are doing the task of coloring and organizing a beautiful calendar with the little ones in the house, you can explain a little more about its origin, the types of calendars and many interesting facts.

The oldest cultures relied on the stars and the sky to keep track of the passage of time, although this way was not very exact.

Then the planets and the phases of the moon were used as the references to have control of time. For example, when the moon returned to the beginning of its orbit, a full month had passed.

Other cultures, such as the Babylonian, used solar observations, which gave rise to lunisolar calendars.

The Egyptians created the first solar calendars and discovered that the year lasted 365 days, they divided the calendar into 12 months of 30 days and the remaining 5 days were taken as holidays.

On the other hand, the Mayan civilization developed its own calendar in 52-year cycles. The Mayans determined the dates from the year 3114 BC to the year 2012.

Then the Romans followed with their 10-month calendar from March to December, which only had 304 days and then had other modifications, such as the Julian calendar (in honor of Julius Caesar) and the calendar of Emperor Caesar Augustus.

The current calendar

The discrepancy with the solar cycle, of the previous calendar, made Pope Gregory XIII request the creation in 1582 of a new calendar, which bore his name.

This last one is the most precise calendar, but every year it is adjusted 26 seconds, which will mean that in 3300 years it will be necessary to add one more day to adjust this calendar.

We hope that this explanation has been clear, but we hope with greater eagerness that the 2022 children’s calendar to print and color that we offer you and the other free 2022 printable calendars are to your liking and that of your children.

We invite you to look at all the other educational resources that we offer you and you can take advantage of all the time with your children educated at home.

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