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Reflections: Schools Kill Creativity Ken Robinson

The documentary Schools Kill Creativity Ken Robinson is very interesting, a talk worth watching, listening to and discussing some important details about what this writer and education consultant had to tell us.

The main reason why schools kill creativity Ken Robinson is because they have an educational system that undermines creativity and is currently totally obsolete.

According to him, new ways should be found to educate young people and enhance their creativity, taking away their fear of making mistakes and allowing them to grow up in a world in which everything they can imagine is possible with effort and hard work.

Talk Keys Schools Kill Creativity Ken Robinson

Is it okay to punish the mistake?

One of the most important foundations of Ken Robinson’s essay: Schools Kill Creativity is that in schools it is frowned upon and they punish mistakes made by students.

As you should clearly know, any of us, regardless of how much knowledge and experience we have, can make mistakes, what matters is knowing how to face them and not letting ourselves be discouraged by them.

punishment and error

This is the thought of Ken Robinson who says that for a person to be truly creative and have the confidence to express his creativity, he must not be afraid of being penalized or of making mistakes.

But, then, how should we act when someone makes a mistake or is wrong? According to schools kill creativity ted 2006 we can deal with errors in two main ways:

  1. The error is taken as something negative, as a problem that must be solved and this causes the person who makes the error to lose confidence in what he does and in his knowledge and his ability to be creative.
  2. The other option is to see the error as a failed attempt to do something that we can improve if we keep trying and keep working towards it. Not seeing it as something negative, but as an attempt to achieve what we really want, may be the best way to seek to improve creativity in the student.

Here is a very important point to take into account and that is that the lack of creativity in many people can be carried into the workplace and this is where the market and the competition can eat and destroy those people who have been rejected all their creativity lives and that is why they no longer bring it out in the key moments of their lives.

Is academic ability the way to demonstrate intelligence?

We are now going to a moment of reflection on schools kill creativity, this interesting talk that was held more than 10 years ago and its ideas still remain with us and can help renew the entire educational system in the world.

Ken Robinson wondered at the time if academic ability is really the best way to demonstrate the intelligence of children and young people of academic age.

What does this mean? That if the scores in a test or in an evaluation really mark the intelligence of the person or simply mark their ability to repeat what they have read in a book, on the internet or what the teacher had previously said.

We have reached one of the most important points of the talk and that is: is this way of evaluating young people really worth it?

According to Robinson, all the preparation for public education will just lead to preparing for college, and does this make sense? Wouldn’t it be better to prepare you for life and give you the necessary concepts to pursue your dreams?


How many people around the world have thought that they are not smart enough for failing some exams or evaluations in subjects that may not offer them the knowledge they really need?

How many brilliant and intelligent people have been affected by the public system and have not done what they really wanted because they thought they were inferior to others?

Let us remember that not all people are born to be mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, stock market operators, economists, among other things.


Many people were born to be famous by making music, creating art, or even just thinking and writing about important things in life.

Does this mean they are wrong? Because in view of the current educational system, they are not good enough if they do not have good grades in the “important” subjects.

Ken Robinson has died a few days ago, but despite those, his ideals should remain in all of us, in concerned parents who want the best for our children and who hope to maintain their creativity and encourage it so that they become who they want to be. , not who society thinks they should be.

In 2006, Robinson thought that his talk would help change the educational system in a few years and despite not having achieved it, every day more parents are betting on home education, a solution that may not be the best (it should be changed). the educational system), but which is much easier to access and achieve.

We believe that it is important that you do not stay only with the opinions of the schools that kill creativity, we hope that you listen to Robinson’s thoughts and value his comments, his way of thinking and understand in his words what his talk is about and why despite After so many years, he is still very up to date and he is still so right.

If you liked this article, I can download it as schools kill creativity pdf so that you have it as a means of consultation.

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