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How is homeschooling in Mexico and in the world?

Join us on this journey around homeschooling in Mexico and other Latin American countries and the world!

For some years now, the concept of home education has been part of our society and many countries accept it within the law, understanding that parents have the right to choose the way in which they educate their children.

Homeschooling begins in the United States and from there begins to spread to other countries in the world, this practice is legal in all states of the country and it is estimated that almost 5% of children are educated at home.

The truth is that home education in the United States, the ways of bringing this new way of seeing education and the freedom that the state gives people to educate their children the way they want is an example that we should follow in Colombia, in Latin America and even that it should be followed throughout the world.

How is homeschooling in Mexico?

The great proximity to the United States has made homeschooling in Mexico more than just an ideal, and there are already many mothers and fathers who decide to educate their children at home so that they learn what they believe is necessary and what they really It will serve you for your future.


So much is the progress of homeschooling in Mexico that you can find a wide variety of platforms for homeschooling in Mexico of very good quality and with many tools to help you educate your child from home.

It is important that they understand a key detail about homeschooling in Mexico and that is that there is no law that prohibits it, this means that they can educate their children from home without any problem and that later, to validate their knowledge, they can be certified with the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) with various tests and exams.

Another interesting option may be to take the COLBACH exam.

Is homeschooling legal in Argentina?

As happens all over the world, many Argentines believe that the educational system is not good enough to educate their children and that the little ones need another type of education to be able to develop their knowledge in the correct way.

It is for this reason that homeschooling in Argentina is growing by leaps and bounds and according to data taken just a few months ago, more than 5,000 families in the country are committed to this form of education.

As in Mexico, homeschooling in Argentina is not regulated, that is, you will not be breaking the law if you want to make the big decision to educate your children from home.

What reasons make you bet on home education in Argentina?

It is said that more than 80% of Argentines no longer trust the country’s educational system, the traditionalism in which many schools are maintained worries parents and they do not feel comfortable with what their children are learning.

In addition, the little ones must suffer abuse from their peers and many other things that are not good for their psychological health.

We can assure you that homeschooling in Argentina is a current of thought that will continue to grow in recent years and that it will bring you many advantages as a society, understanding that children are the future of tomorrow.

And in Spain? What is homeschooling like?

We crossed the pond to enter a European country to learn a little more about homeschooling in Spain and how this practice and way of thinking is developed in the country.


Despite the fact that if we look at the legality in this country, homeschooling is in a rather gray area, there are many Spaniards who are committed to this current of thought and who assure that homeschooling in Spain is the way to educate their children. and who prefer to do it this way without exposing their children to some of the dangers of traditional schooling.

It is for this reason that it is not easy to obtain data and statistics that tell us a little about homeschooling in Madrid and other Spanish communities, what we can make clear is that every day there are more Spaniards who change their way of thinking wanting to educate their children from home and with greater freedom of action.

What is known about home schooling in Peru?

Home education in Peru is completely legal and they can do it without problems.

Here it is important to mention the relevance of making the child’s knowledge official and of being officially certified.

The truth is that homeschooling in Peru is surprisingly advanced and is one of the Latin American countries that has made the greatest progress in this form of education.

Is homeschooling legal in Chile?

¿Qué se sabe de la escuela en casa en Perú?

La educación en casa en Perú es totalmente legal y pueden hacerlo sin problemas.

Aquí es importante mencionar la relevancia de oficializar los conocimientos del niño y de certificarse de manera oficial.

La verdad es que el homeschooling en Perú es sorpresivamente avanzado y es uno de los países Latinoamericanos que mayores avances lleva en esta forma de educación.

¿En Chile es legal el homeschooling?

Now let’s look at another country in Latin America, let’s learn a little more about homeschooling in Chile.


The first thing we should know is that this form of education has grown quite a bit in recent years and that it is most commonly observed in rural areas with difficult access to traditional schools.

As in many countries, homeschooling in Chile is not part of any regulations, this means that it can be done and that you are within the legality if you educate your child from home in this country.

Is it compulsory to take the child to school in France?

We set foot on the old continent again to now look at homeschooling in France, a totally legal practice since schooling is not compulsory, but it is compulsory to instruct children and give them the necessary knowledge for their development.

One thing that we must be clear about regardless of whether we are in the United States, Europe or Latin America is that homeschooling is not a game, it is something that you should take as a job and to which you should dedicate a lot of time if you want your child to know and learn everything you need to learn to be part of society and be successful.

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