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How do I choose private schools if I can’t do homeschooling?

Today we want to let you know some guidelines that you should consider when choosing a school or college for your children. In addition, we will focus specifically on letting you know a list of private schools in Spain that meet one or more of the considerations that we are going to mention.

Although we are 100% in favor of home education and this is really our reason for being, many times parents have certain inconveniences to implement an educational strategy at home.

This difficulty can occur due to ignorance of certain contents, lack of time, because you rehearsed and it was definitely not what you expected or for a number of other reasons that are unique like each family.

We also suggest you read the article about the differences between homeschooling and school before making any decision.

Considerations to take into account in a private school

Defending our position that the best education is received at home, we are aware that it is often complex and difficult for parents to implement this educational strategy.
For this reason, we will mention some conditions that, from our perspective, a private school should meet if we had to admit our son to one of them.

Why don’t we mention public schools? because we consider that being state institutions they have:

  • a defined and standardized curriculum
  • promotes the learning of basic and minimum knowledge
  • have a greater emphasis on exact sciences and language

Our suggestion is that we should look for educational projects that go beyond merely academic knowledge, for which we consider the following to be more important:

Experiential knowledge


Definitely the best way to learn is when you enjoy learning and experience knowledge firsthand. Where the child through free play, directed play and educational activities is able to discover knowledge which will last because there is a real enjoyment on the part of the child.

When a child enjoys what he does, he increasingly wants to learn more, ask more questions, can build relationships of information, and truly gains knowledge for life.

A private school should motivate the experiences of the child, the exploration of nature, visits to the museum, the library, experiencing the production process of a specific product in a factory, going to a concert, the market, the bank, and so much more. number of experiences that can be offered where he will ask himself countless questions.

Personalized education

All the people are different. Each child learns at a different pace, has different motivations and things that don’t make them so happy.

A private school should strengthen the personalized education of children and adolescents, get to know them, analyze them, read them, to know their interests and reinforce them; know their weaknesses or things that interest them least and look for strategies or make changes when imparting that knowledge.

All the factors described above will guide the children’s learning. First of all the closeness and empathy with them!

Strengthening of soft skills

Since our children are young, life skills such as leadership, teamwork, cooperation, oratory, empathy, resilience and many other skills should be strengthened. We know that if they are strengthened they will allow our children to face the challenges of life in a better way.

Private schools should encourage entrepreneurship, financial education, teamwork, oratory, good and intelligent conversation, listening, and finally, skills that will serve them in the workplace, in entrepreneurship, and in adolescents. in your life in general.

sensibility for the arts


The arts awaken the senses and sensitivity of a person. Painting, sculpture, dance, singing, music, theater, poetry and more, when taught from children, awaken interests, sensitivities, empathy with others, listening and many other skills for life.

Private schools should strengthen and motivate children in the arts so that they discover the beautiful things in life.

Promotion of physical and mental health

Physical and mental health is as important in life as breathing.

Therefore, private schools should strengthen children and adolescents:

• emotional intelligence
• help discover and understand their own feelings and those of others
• motivate the performance of physical exercise
• promote a balanced diet
• and all the advantages surrounding a healthy lifestyle and a happy life.

List of private schools in Spain

Below we will present a list of private schools in Spain that meet some of the conditions mentioned above, which promote a different education, with open learning spaces and promoting some other skills such as technology to motivate children to learn:

Mayrit Active School


It is one of the private schools in Madrid, where infant and primary education is provided, meeting the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of children.

The desire to learn, curiosity, experiential learning and the development of knowledge in outdoor spaces are enhanced, to be in contact with nature. The game is a fundamental pillar in its educational methodology, in addition to the fact that children of different ages share training spaces.

Website: https://mayriteescuelaactiva.org/es/inicio-2/

Mammolina Montessori International School


It is one of the private schools in Valencia in which a multilingual Montessori education (English-French-Spanish) is offered. It is a school where children benefit from a multicultural environment, as well as a personalized education, surrounded by a natural environment that encourages learning outdoors, playing games and practicing sports.

Website: https://mammolinamontessori.com/

Cadella, Live and Active Education Space


This institution is located in Alicante and is a space where it is intended to keep the childhood stage alive and genuine, where children really are children, where learning at the child’s pace is promoted through living and experiential learning, to always maintain the desire to learn without impositions.

Knowledge is offered through workshops and meetings such as Performing Arts, the English language, cooking, Relational Psychomotricity and many more.

Website: https://www.cadella.es/web/cadella/

La travesía: Educational space

La travesía

It is one of the private schools in Valencia Spain where the child is focused as the main part of the educational process.

Personalized education is offered for children between the ages of 3 and 12 through teacher observation of children and having a small number of children per teacher.

They also promote different educational approaches such as Waldorf, Montessori, educational robotics and others because they are open to any pedagogy that offers the best for children.

Its contents are developed in a natural environment and carrying out projects with the community, that is, the school is open to experiential experiences with other people. Technology and multilingualism are also pillars in his teaching.

Website: https://www.escuelalatravesia.es/

Escuela el Dragón


Located in Torrelodones (Madrid), this school has a focus on learning through experience and in different places.
It has an art room, a technology laboratory to promote virtual learning, a space to carry out construction activities, and different spaces to promote music, carpentry, an ecological garden and other innovative learning spaces that children love. loves.

Website: https://www.dragonamericanschool.com/

Dare to take the time to analyze and visit the private schools in Spain that we mentioned and inquire about many others that will make your children’s stay at school not a torture but an experience!

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