Ideas of recreational activities for children and adults

Today we bring you a series of recreational activities for children and adults so that you can share time with children, have fun and learn at the same time.

Children always want to be playing and playing and it is an excellent idea to let them play freely with other children or even alone, but on many occasions they ask parents or caregivers, grandparents, cousins to play with them.

So that you don’t run out of ideas, or don’t hand over your cell phone so easily to your children as a means of entertainment, take a short time to read this article.

What are recreational activities?

actividades recreativas en familia

A definition that is considered complete on recreational activities not only for children but also for adults, is the following:

They are all the activities carried out by a person in their free time and that are chosen freely and voluntarily, in addition to providing pleasure and personality development.

Characteristics of recreational activities for children and adults

Other characteristics of recreational activities are:

  • They produce comprehensive rest
  • and Generate joy and happiness
  • They are healthy both physically and emotionally
  • They are of free choice
  • They can be spontaneous or organized
  • They can occur at the individual or group level
  • They are done for pleasure and not for expecting a reward.
  • They enable the creative expression of the human being through sports, the arts, sciences, and nature.
  • They are a great way to enjoy free time
  • They are a right of people at any stage of their life

Recreational activities can involve both parents and children, children with children, or the child alone, that is, they can be individual or collective. They can be outdoors, or in closed spaces, of a sporting, artistic and cultural nature, playful, reading, practicing hobbies and pastimes or relaxing.

Benefits of recreational activities for children and adults

Recreational activities represent many benefits for children and in general for those who practice them, both physically, psychologically, socially and in their general health, some benefits are:

  • increase creativity
  • promote teamwork
  • improve self-esteem
  • decrease levels of stress and aggressiveness
  • improve quality of life
  • create healthy lifestyle habits
  • contribute to the improvement of physical abilities
  • and countless other benefits

As you may have noticed, as long as there is a true enjoyment of the activity and that it is of free choice, it is already within the classification of recreational activity.

Ideas of recreational activities for children and adults

actividades recreativas en familia

There are many recreational activities that we can offer children so that they do not get bored at home while we work or if we have time available to spend with them we can share some activities in which they will surely have fun.

From my experience, children love to be told stories and read to them.

For example, my 5-year-old son asks us to tell stories of the imagination every day, other times we read and other times we listen to stories published on the internet.

In addition to being an activity that he loves, he learns vocabulary, it generates many concerns that promote his learning and develops his imagination in an impressive way.

My suggestion is that you always have available for your children material that you can read to them or if your child (s) already know how to read, they can have books on hand as excellent learning materials and fun.

Outdoor recreational activities

recreational activities for children from 1 to 5 years old

Some great outdoor recreational activities for kids and parents could be:

  • explore nature
  • search for animals using magnifying glasses or binoculars
  • make campfires at night and tell stories
  • use a telescope to explore the universe
  • have a picnic and have them participate in its assembly
  • to camp
  • and many others that you can think of.

Sports-type recreational activities

If you have enough energy to attend to your children, we suggest activities at home such as playing tag, playing hide-and-seek or strikeout.

If you can take them to sports spaces and settings, let them enjoy riding a bike, skateboarding, swimming, soccer or any other sport of interest.

Recreational activities of ludic type

I recommend that in order to carry out recreational activities for children and parents, you should get elements such as parquet-type board games, chess, dominoes, jenga, puzzles and other elements of traditional games such as spinning tops, marbles, yo-yos, stilts, skateboards.

You can also take them to other spaces where they can play parlor games such as bowling, table tennis, billiards or darts.

Artistic and manual recreational activities


There are many boys and girls who enjoy art and activities such as dance, music, singing, theater; crafts such as embroidery, sculpture, painting or literary creation.

Recreational activities of type pastimes and hobbies

Many children love to collect things, and this is also part of the recreational activities that develop their interest in something, generate concerns around their interest and seek to enlarge more and more collection for which they can work or collect with family and friends. Some children collect cars, coins, postcards, etc.

Photography, gardening, cooking and even caring for pets and the environment, for many children are part of their favorite hobbies and activities of enjoyment.

Other Recreational Activity Ideas

There is another large number of recreational activities for children and parents where they can enjoy a lot together, such as going to a concert, to the stadium to watch a soccer game, visiting museums and places of interest, taking them to the circus, to the amusement rides, to a library, or something as simple as looking for an outdoor recreational park that exists in almost every neighborhood.

Promote this type of space for your children where, in addition to having fun, they will learn a lot, because where there is fun there is real learning!

Go ahead and practice recreational activities for children and adults with your children, where in addition to obtaining all the benefits described, they can have fun, strengthen ties of love, mutual knowledge and the best, you will be able to see them grow and be there for them.

If you want to know more ideas of activities to do with your children, we recommend you explore other articles in this category where you will find things that will surprise you!

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