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Virtual English courses for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers

Virtual English courses for children are an excellent option for both home-schooled and school-educated children to study English as a second language in a different way and from the comfort of their home.

Stay until the end of the article so that you know a different way of learning English, enjoying the virtual learning spaces in a didactic and enjoyable way.

Importance of English in teaching children

All parents know that the English language is super important in the globalized world we live in today, and not only for children but also for adults.

Some of the advantages of understanding English are:

  • We can access information in this language, which is much broader and deeper than possibly in our own language.
  • Have the possibility of accessing educational scholarships
  • Being able to communicate effectively with native speakers

And many other opportunities on a personal, professional and social level.

Why choose virtual English courses?

The virtual learning methodology became more popular when the pandemic began, since we couldn’t leave the house and we realized that having the internet was enough to learn what we wanted.

From then on, many more virtual English teaching options began to emerge since it offers many advantages: not spending time traveling, they are cheaper than a face-to-face course and you can find a lot of quality.

And where to study virtual English?

If you search on Google you will find a large number of offers of better online English courses that offer you different packages of hours and budgets for learning the language, but faced with this sea of ​​possibilities, it is frustrating to know which one to choose.

Additionally, when it comes to children, things can be very different, since children like to learn by playing.

According to the above, we will tell you about an excellent English course for children where learning is totally dynamic, combining fun and learning at the same time.

SmartLand English 

This English course for children is a different way of learning English through a non-traditional methodology, with small groups to make learning more personalized and effective, and it is also one of the best virtual English courses we know of.

In this English course, children can start their adventure through this language from the age of three since, as we have mentioned, the classes are a game, where songs, online games and activities, crafts, experiments and lots of fun.

One super important thing is that you can separate a courtesy workshop so that you know the methodology used. which, as we mentioned, is not traditional but rather takes into account the times and the different ways of learning for children.

The classes are live by zoom and with a lot of fun, with an emphasis on developing listening and pronunciation of the English language, doing phonetics exercises in a fun way to develop the child’s ear.

This type of virtual classroom English courses allow children to love English and learn it naturally.

SmartLand English teachers are homeschooling parents who have been educating their two daughters at home for 5 years, they have also been English teachers for more than 12 years, which allowed them to develop a non-traditional methodology of teaching English, which have been implemented for more than three years with excellent results.

Our experience with SmartLand

You will surely find many other virtual English courses on the internet that can offer you many benefits, but here we are talking about SmartLand English because we know it directly.

From our experience, our son is not a great lover of virtual classes, he likes more the contact with other children or his practical learning at home, however, he has been in English classes with SmartLand for almost a year and a half and we see his progress in the understanding of the English language, in addition, every time we ask him if he wants to continue with the classes he gives us a resounding YES! because he is happy with this virtual course where he has too much fun.

Now that you know a little more about SmartLand as an excellent option to study English virtual course for children, we invite you to give yourself the opportunity to get to know them and that your children have fun learning English in a different way.

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