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Tuga and Pongo: Friendship beyond differences. Children’s story with values

This is a children’s story with values that teaches the importance of friendship and mutual aid. Tuga and Pongo were different, but they learned to complement each other and became great friends. When they faced danger, Tuga helped Pongo escape. The story shows that together they can overcome any obstacle. This story is a great tool to teach children about the importance of friendship and how mutual aid can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Story of Tuga and Pongo to read with our children

Once upon a time, there was a turtle named Tuga and a lion named Pongo. Tuga and Pongo were very different. Tuga was slow and always carried her shell on her back, while Pongo was fast and had a big mane.

One day, Tuga and Pongo met on the road. Pongo was running and jumping, while Tuga slowly made her way to her destination. Pongo made fun of Tuga, telling her she was too slow and would never arrive on time where she wanted to go. Tuga felt sad and alone.

But as time passed, Tuga and Pongo began to spend more time together. Tuga realized that although she was slow, she was very clever and knew how to find the right path. Pongo, on the other hand, realized that although he was fast, he did not always know where he was going.

Thus, Tuga and Pongo complemented each other. Tuga taught Pongo how to be more clever, and Pongo taught Tuga how to be more bold. Together, they became the best of friends.

One day, while playing together on the savannah, a great danger threatened them. A hunter was nearby and intended to catch Pongo. But Tuga was quick and clever, and found a way to distract the hunter. Pongo was able to escape safely.

After that day, Tuga and Pongo realized how important their friendship was. Despite their differences, they had helped each other and shown that together they could do anything.

From that day forward, Tuga and Pongo were inseparable. They played together, explored together, and were always there for each other. And so, their friendship lasted forever.

Children’s story with values of Tuga and Pongo to watch and listen

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Activity about the story of Tuga and Pongo to do with your children

In this section of the article, we will share some ideas of questions that you can ask your children about the story.

How did Tuga and Pongo meet?
Why did Pongo make fun of Tuga at the beginning of the story?
How did Tuga and Pongo learn to complement each other?
What danger did Tuga and Pongo face together in the story?
What important lesson did Tuga and Pongo learn at the end of the story?

Other activity ideas to reinforce the teaching of this children’s story with values

Drawing workshop

Children can draw Tuga and Pongo and their adventures. Then they can display and comment on their drawings, promoting their creativity and artistic skills.


Children can make a theatrical representation of the story. Each child can choose their favorite character and portray it. The activity promotes oral expression and teamwork.

Role-playing game

Children can pretend to be Tuga and Pongo and create a maze with obstacles they must overcome together. The activity promotes cooperation and teamwork, as well as creativity and critical thinking.

We hope this article has been very useful to continue this beautiful educational process with your child from home.

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