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The Prodigal Child Adapted for Children: A Story of Love and Forgiveness

You may wonder who the prodigal child is. Who was the prodigal son in the Bible… come and learn the beautiful story:

Read the tale of the children’s prodigal son

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Juan, who lived on a farm with his father and older brother. Juan was bored with farm life and wanted to venture out into the world, so he asked his father for his share of the inheritance and went far away from home.

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For a while, Juan enjoyed his new life. He had a lot of money to spend on fun things and had a good time with new friends. But soon, everything changed. The money ran out, and the friends disappeared. Juan found himself alone and sad, not knowing what to do.

What would move Juan to make another decision?

He realized he had made a big mistake by leaving his home and family. And remembered how happy he had been on the farm with his father and brother. He decided it was time to return home and ask his father for forgiveness.

When he arrived home, his father saw him and ran to embrace him, filled with love and joy. Juan asked his father for forgiveness and told him he had been wrong to leave home.

His father forgave him wholeheartedly and prepared a great feast to celebrate his return.

The attitude of Juan’s brother

Juan also met his older brother, who wasn’t very happy about his younger brother’s return. But their father spoke to them with love and wisdom, reminding them that they should always forgive and love others, even when they make mistakes.

Since then, Juan became a wiser and humbler person. He learned the importance of being grateful for what he had and loving his family and friends. And his father and brother loved him more than ever, knowing that there was always a place for him in their home.

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Conclusion of the Prodigal Child

Juan’s story is a lesson for all of us that sometimes we make mistakes, but we can always come back home and ask for forgiveness. And when we do, we are received with love and joy, no matter how long we have been away.

How did you like the story of the prodigal child? We hope you enjoyed it and put into practice everything you learned.

Let’s watch the video of the child prodigal son

For better understanding, ask your parents to guide you, and we suggest answering some questions based on the text and the video you will see below:


  1. Describe, according to your understanding, who the prodigal child is in the Bible.
  2. Based on what you understood from the story and the video, what does “prodigal child” mean?
  3. Narrate the story of the prodigal child in your own words.
  4. Draw the moment of the father’s encounter with the son as an example of the forgiveness that should always exist in families.
  5. Share the story of the prodigal child with your friends by performing a small representation where the characters mentioned in the story interact.

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