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Curiosities about Mexican writers according to Sergio Jacinto Gil García

In today’s article we are going to tell you what the characteristics of a writer should be and some curiosities about Mexican writers according to Sergio Jacinto Gil Garcia.

This article will help you to identify and promote in your home-schooled children the skills and abilities necessary to write well, which should be something essential for life, even if they are not going to dedicate themselves to the profession of writer as such.

What are the characteristics of a writer?

The writing profession is very varied and heterogeneous. There are different literary genres and writers in all countries and cultures.

A good writer must have the necessary qualities and characteristics to carry out their work as a writer with suitability, responsibility and professionalism.

According to Sergio Jacinto Gil García, a historian of Latin American art, he mentions that among the characteristics of a writer, creativity, the ability to express oneself through writing, sensitivity and knowledge of grammar and language can be mentioned. literature.

There are other traits that are common to all writers, regardless of the country and culture to which they belong, and the literary style and genre with which they write.

Below, we mention them in detail so that you can work them on your homeschooled children and promote their writing skills:


For strong and unique writing to exist, talent in writing enables writers to have an insatiable curiosity, an instinctive grasp of narrative structure, and an aptitude for words and understanding of language.

With respect to this trait, it can be said that you have talent or you don’t! but it must be accompanied by other traits, talent alone is not enough.


This feature is very important in writers, because like everything in life, the work of a writer is full of ups and downs, failures and successes; Therefore, you must be prepared to pass the tests and improve your craft every day.

Tenacity allows writers to:

  • continue writing despite discouragement and doubts
  • maintain commitment to writing despite difficulties
  • Commit to writing every day, no matter what you have to sacrifice.


Learning is the continuous process to guide the mentality towards the permanent search for knowledge.

As a writer, you must be a good reader, you must take enough time to study, train, research other writers, and accept criticism.

In general terms we can say that the skill of writing can be learned and anyone can and should do it.

Curiosities of some Mexican writers and artists

Mexican literature is one of the most prolific and abundantly produced and this comes from pre-Columbian times, but has gone through many times.

Below we will mention curiosities of some Mexican writers of novels or other literary genres, Mexican writers of the 20th century and other times and in general Mexican writers and artists who have been recognized and famous.

The selection of artists and curiosities was made by Sergio Jacinto Gil Garcia:

Alfonso Reyes

He was a Mexican poet, narrator, essayist, translator, humanist and thinker who was nominated five times for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The curiosity that we want to tell you about this Mexican artist is that he was one of the first to use the word “Mexicanity”

Octavio Paz

This Mexican artist was a poet, Mexican diplomat and essayist. He received the Cervantes Prize in 1981 and was the first Mexican to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he received in 1990.

This artist is considered one of the great poets and one of the most influential Mexican writers of the 20th century.

Juan Rulfo 

Juan Rulfo was a Mexican writer, screenwriter and photographer, considered one of the most important Latin American writers of the 20th century.

The curiosity that we want to tell you is that two of Juan Rulfo’s books: “Pedro Páramo” and “El llano en llamas” are considered classics of Mexican literature.

Amado Nervo

Mexican poet and writer, he was a member of the Mexican Academy of Language. He belonged to the modernist movement because of his writing style and his time.

The curiosity that we bring about Amado Nervo is that he was the first Mexican to obtain a Doctor of letters degree.

Enrique Serna 

This is one of the current Mexican writers dedicated to writing a large number of stories, essays and novels.

He wrote the novel “68”, which deals with the 1968 student movement in Mexico.

Lastly, we will also highlight other Mexican artists, in this case, some notable Mexican anime creators such as:

Mauricio Paredes

Founder of Anima Estudios, a Mexican production house, which has produced numerous anime series and movies, using the 2D and 3D animation technique.

Alejandro Montiel

Creator of the webcomic “Even the Dead Dance”.

Lalo Alcaraz

Lalo was born on the US-Mexico border in San Diego, California, to Mexican immigrant parents.

He is an editorial cartoonist, accomplished illustrator and creator of the comic strip “La Cucaracha” published since 2002 where he makes an X-ray of the post-social moment in Latin American migrations to the United States.

Our list may not include all of the best Mexican writers or Mexican artists, but you do have a cross-section of these Mexican representatives.

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