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Do you need a curricular education referent at home?

Before starting this blog entry, I would like to clarify what is referred to in this article curricular education at home (to avoid confusion), and it is the group of pre-designed activities to teach a certain grade or educational level and that is normally sold by a company that specializes in educational materials.

If you search the internet for a study curriculum for your children, you will find a large amount of information, both free and paid, but I think that the question that must be answered is, is a homeschooling curriculum really required? In my view, a study curriculum could be used as a guide when parents are beginning the path of home education and do not have a clear idea of ​​how to do it, but not as the only option, since a curriculum is framed within of what some institution or publishing house thought that a child of a certain age or in a certain school grade should know according to certain defined standards, but it is not based on the particular interests of each child. For this reason, I do not agree with the curricular education at home.

Home school without curriculum

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The tools and resources to guide our children at home are endless, it’s just a matter of being creative, wanting to investigate other ways of doing things, planning activities and reading your children’s interests so that you can offer them activities and tools according to their needs. their tastes and ways of learning. For some children, their interest might be visiting the library often, exchanging resources with other homeschooling families, using the internet, organizing classes and activities with other children, joining support groups, learning about nature, visiting museums, etc. parks, excursions, going to the theater, playing, in short, there are too many options through which your children can learn.

The environment where homeschooled children live and move around is often itself their curriculum or curriculum, and it is designed for them to choose from a range of tantalizing books purposely left lying around that you know they won’t be able to resist. , so that they take advantage of the number of people in your family’s life who have a number of skills, attitudes and enthusiasm, from which they could learn, in other words, that the whole world is a great learning hall, in which you can having so much interaction, so much information about life itself that a resume can hardly beat.

There is also knowledge that parents consider “should” teach their children to develop skills for their life and future, such as financial education at home, values ​​education at home, environmental education at home, physical education at home, religious education, leadership, music and arts, entrepreneurship, programming, and a long list of options.

I definitely need a home curricular education referrer


If you are in the group of parents who definitely want to use a curricular education reference at home, you should know that children are different in terms of interests and tastes, ages, stages, development levels, learning preferences, personality types and levels of exercise. You must know your children very well before acquiring a curriculum or study plan.

However, and as we mentioned in another blog post, some homeschooling methods are purely based on a curriculum to give parents a guide on what to teach their children, and they may do so because they feel more comfortable with it. way or because they are thinking of sending their children back to school, for which they need to guarantee that they are leveled for the grade to be applied.

Here are some recommendations before purchasing a homeschool curriculum:

Know your children’s learning style

Your children’s learning preference is visual, auditory, kinesthetic? maybe another style? Remember that many children learn more by creating and doing things than by receiving a theory; others learn better through reading or talking to people. This is why when choosing your homeschool curriculum, you should keep these learning preferences in mind.

Interest-based learning

If your child has a strong interest in a particular subject, a conventional curriculum may not suit her needs and may require interest-based learning. You may be able to get some particular curricula but they may be rarer, and you need to come along with other resources and tools to support that interest.

Having a resume can take away freedom

When what level or grade a child may be in is more important to homeschooling parents, a curriculum might be appropriate, though it goes against the freedom homeschooled children have to learn a myriad of things they don’t. they are necessarily of the grade or level at which they should be taught.

Without being against a referent of curricular education at home, I consider it more valuable that as parents we take the time to plan the education that we want to give our children, that we understand them, and know how to read their interests, that we do not question them but that we support them, that we have an open mind because if there is something clear, it is that children are our best teachers.

According to what we mentioned in the article, do you consider a homeschooling curriculum necessary? If you have used a homeschooling curriculum, tell us how your experience has been.

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